Crime Fiction Blog Posts from May and Earlier

Navigating a growing crime fiction website or blog in search of thriller books means you might miss some fun and useful articles now and then.

This blog post is a guide to what we have posted during May and April.

Police Detectives and Crime Fighters

Jack Webb and Harry Morgan 1968

Jack Webb: Facts and the Great Los Angeles A look at television’s Jack Webb who immortalized the role of Sgt Joe Friday in the series Dragnet.

Crime Fighting Television: Have Gun will Travel Thank to YouTube for letting us easily look back into television history with a late 1950s drama starring Richard Boone. This show is mentioned in Book 3 Tom Stone Day of the Dead.



Author Interviews

PHOTO S.N. BronsteinCrime Fiction Author Interview: S. N. Bronstein Writing crime thrillers set in Miami.



Colleen M. Story CroppedWhy Writing Crime Stories is Murder and Why Writing Crime Fiction, or Any Genre, Doesn’t have to Kill You Interview with wellness writer Colleen Story.



Book Reviews and More

51OpMv1wh2LAn Innocent Client by Scott Pratt  A jaded southern lawyer who defends a woman who turns out to be innocent — but not really. Good twists, likable characters.



Discovering the Criminal in a Crime Story — Al Pacino Step into the movie Scarface. It confirmed our own view of Anthony Angelino–the wanna-be drug lord who Tom Stone chases in Book 1 Nitty Gritty Christmas; Book 2 Sweltering Summer Nights; and Book 3 Day of the Dead.

Enjoy the posts and we hope that you also enjoy our Tom Stone Detective Series books.

If you are a crime fiction or thriller author, we’d enjoy have you write a guest post. Send an email to Don Simkovch and I’ll send out a list of questions that you can answer.

Return those along with a brief bio and images for me to post. We know there are many fun reads out there and we’d like to collect as many as possible.





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