Book Tour: Murder at Midnight by Faith Martin

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Prolific author Faith Martin is out with another cozy mystery published through Joffe Books. Thanks to Jill Burkinshaw for the ARC.

Murder at Midnight is available on Amazon.

This is the latest in a string of cozy mystery’s featuring DI Hillary Greene, who’s turning 50 and is skilled at solving the cold cases that have others stumped. Felix Olliphant is found dead at a New Year’s Eve party and Hillary takes up the case.

The dialogue flowed well and the characters were quite fun. The story was very easy to get into and had a very fashionable style about it as in this interchange between Hillary and Querida Phelps, a woman who had invited Felix to the party where he had his demise:


‘Did Felix ever say that he was getting threatening phone calls?’ Hillary
continued rapidly.

‘Ah now.’ Querida Phelps waved a finger at Hillary, on which a gigantic

Ceylon sapphire sparkled. ‘Funny you should say that. I did notice once or

twice that he would get phone calls and seem unhappy. He’d take his mobile
into the conservatory and . . . oh, you should see the conservatory and what
he did with it! Hanging wicker basket seats and these huge majolica
jardinieres and seats that . . . Oh, thanks.’ Querida took the refilled glass
from Jake and winked at him. ‘You really are gorgeous, aren’t you?’

‘Yes, I am.’ Jake winked back. ‘Now be a pet and concentrate. These
phone calls. Did you hear the name of whoever it was that made Felix

Hillary, somewhat taken aback at the hijacking of her interview,
nevertheless had to admire the smoothness of the man. No two ways about
it, the Boy Wonder was proving useful.

‘No, sorry. Like I said, when he got this funny look on his face, and I knew it was one of those phone calls, he always took the phone into the conservatory where I couldn’t hear. And afterwards he’d be sort of quiet for a while. Maybe even angry. But he never said what it was about,’ she added, waving another finger at him, ‘so don’t ask me. I wish I knew. You think whoever it was killed him?’ She sounded genuinely distressed now. ‘That’s what’s always been so hard to deal with, you see. I must have invited
whoever it was that killed him.’

And two tears ran down her cheeks. Hillary couldn’t help but compare
this woman’s genuine if slightly drunken grief with Rebecca Morton’s more
self-centred tears.

‘I’m really sorry, Mrs . . . Querida. You were obviously very fond of him.’
‘I was. I never had kids. Four husbands, but none of them . . . Or maybe

it was me. I dunno.’ She’d made good inroads into the new brandy now, and
her upper-crust voice was beginning to slur. ‘But if I’d had a son . . . Oh
well. I suppose that’s why I never sold up this place and left. It still has
echoes of him. Besides, I do love it so. And apart from all that, I mean,
where else would I go? My immediate family are all dead. Oh hell, now I’m
getting maudlin.’

End of Excerpt

I liked the way the tone is naturally comedic, in a very organic way; it has a stylish, classic feel that comes to mind as the characters go about their lives. I strongly recommend it. 5 Stars!


Faith Martin has been writing for over 25 years, in four genres and under four different pen names. She was born in Oxford and sets most of her crime novels within sight of the city of dreaming spires. A real nature lover and afficionado of the countryside, descriptions of wildlife and native flora often find their way into her manuscripts. Right now, JOFFE BOOKS are re-issuing the DI Hillary Greene novels in new updated editions! The first 15 books in the series are available now.

Her romance novels, written under the name of Maxine Barry, are now available from Corazon Books. IMPOSTERS In PARADISE, and HEART OF FIRE are both out, and others will very quickly become available in the future.

Her first foray into writing ‘spooky’ crime, (and written under the pen name of Jessie Daniels) comes out in November 2017. THE LAVENDER LADY CASEFILE is published by Robert Hale, an imprint of Crowood Press.

As Joyce Cato, she writes more classically-inspired ‘proper’ whodunits. So, if you like an amateur sleuth, plenty of clues and red herrings, plus a baffling murder mystery to solve, these are the books for you.


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