Cocaine in the Tom Stone Crime Thrillers

Cocaine in a crime thriller like the Tom Stone Detective Stories is a powerful drug for users and a profitable drug for those who distribute and sell it. When we began writing the first of three novels we weren’t focused on the coke but on the people, the characters in the story.

Yet, now that we’ve completed three novels there’s no question that coke (cocaine, that is) is it as you see on this map.


The global analysis group, Stratfor, describes cocaine’s processing and how it’s profitable for the drug cartels of Mexico — making it a money-making drug that’s worth taking risks for:

As cocaine progresses from the production site to the end users, it increases in value. According to figures provided by the Colombian National Police, a kilogram of cocaine can be purchased for $2,200 in the jungles in Colombia’s interior and for between $5,500 and $7,000 at Colombian ports. But the price increases considerably once it leaves the production areas and is transported closer to consumption markets. In Central America cocaine can be purchased for $10,000 per kilogram, and in southern Mexico that same kilogram sells for $12,000. Once it passes through Mexico, a kilogram of cocaine is worth $16,000 in the border towns of northern Mexico, and it will fetch between $24,000 and $27,000 wholesale on the street in the United States depending on the location. The prices are even higher in Europe, where they can run from $53,000 to $55,000 per kilogram, and prices exceed $200,000 in Australia.

In Tom Stone: Sweltering Summer Nights, we address legal marijuana as a job creator while the smuggling of cocaine is going to continue. Maybe, there would be a little of both. Below our cover image is an excerpt from Chapter Four, with a man working for the mob, Howard Wu, addressing Stone’s nemesis, Anthony Angelino.


Tom Stone Sweltering Summer Nights Cover
Can Angelino escape the mob’s clutches?

“The legalization of marijuana. Isn’t it wonderful? … A soothing drug for men and women with glaucoma, or the pain of cancer. There’s just one problem.”

“What’s that?” Angelino stood near the counter.

“Buying and selling isn’t as fun as it used to be. Where’s the adventure?”

The adventure, indeed. We have Detective Tom Stone and his partner Jake Sharpe in the fight against the mob and Anthony Angelino through our first three novels — and in Book 4 that will be coming out in early 2019.

Join the page-turning chase with all three Tom Stone novels — check them out on our crime books page.






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