Cover story for short story thriller A Deadly Path

Los Angeles fascinates me with its diverse people and landscapes and I always felt that a great setting for a crime thriller story would be in the San Gabriel Mountains above LA.

Eaton Canyon flowers

I’m close to a popular canyon for day hikers and those taking a fire road up a couple thousand feet to a lookout point called Henniger Flats or hiking on to Mount Wilson, famous for it’s observatory and TV antennas visible across the LA basin. It’s Eaton Canyon.

When Lon and I conjured up the short story for Tom Stone: A Deadly Path, featuring Detective Jake Sharpe taking his son on a hike gone terribly wrong, I took some shots of Eaton Canyon’s entrance.


There’s a waterfall that runs down from the mountains and it’s a popular destination spot. But … this is part of Los Angeles County … so you never know what lurks behind the next corner.

So we let our imaginations run wild with the help of our cover artist Ben Southgate and came up with this rendition.


A Deadly Path is now live on Amazon so check out a free preview here.

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If you’re new to our blog and our crime fiction books, then here’s a little guide of other posts to give you a taste of who we are and what we write:

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Covers for action thriller Tom Stone Detective Stories on Amazon
Racing through the streets of Los Angeles neighborhoods in pursuit of justice.


And there’s also a video of Don appearing on a local cable talk show to chat up our Tom Stone stories.


Have a look around … and enjoy!!!



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