Sneaky Scary Saturday and Sunday: Crime Thriller Excerpt

The Phone Call

Photo by Peter Forster on Unsplash

This is from our novel Book 1 Tom Stone: A Nitty Gritty Christmas. A neighbor, Mary Ann Bostovich rings Detective Tom Stone at a home where there’s been a series of disturbances:


One ring was all it took and she answered. “Hello?”

“Mrs. Bostovich? Detective Stone. What’s happening?” He started the car and pulled out of the driveway and into the nearly empty street.

“I went for a quick walk down the block to stretch my legs before driving up north. I heard a woman scream. It was muffled because it had come from inside the house. I’m sure if it had been outside the house, then, oh my God—”

“Sure, Mrs. Bostovich. You heard a woman scream. Anything else?”

“The two guys I called you about yesterday came out of the house. They walked out. They were laughing and then that man you met, the one who lives there—”


“Yeah, him. He came out on the porch and started talking to them and they all exchanged words and then one of the other two guys, I swear, punched him in the stomach. I kept walking because I didn’t want them to see me. And if they would have come after me, well, God help them because I carry pepper spray and I’m not afraid to use it, or kick, or bite the sons-of-bitches.”

Tom Stone: A Nitty Gritty Christmas is available on Amazon, Kobo

If you’re an author and want to take part in Sneaky Scary Saturday and Sunday, let us know. Send an email to with Sneaky Scary in the subject line. Choose 5 to 7 paragraphs along with a book cover image and buy link. We’ll publish up to four author excerpts per weekend.

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