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Fans of authors like Lee Child and James Patterson sound the alert: the gripping Tom Stone Detective thriller novels and our action-adventure short story in ebook form are on sale today. Thursday, June 20 through Sunday, June 23 for 99 cents each.

Book 1: Tom Stone: A Nitty Gritty Christmas

Book 2: Tom Stone: Sweltering Summer Nights

Book 3: Tom Stone: Day of the Dead

Short story: A Deadly Path

Fans of authors like Angela Marsons, L.T. Vargus and Stewart Giles will want to catch a peek, too.

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About the Tom Stone Detective Stories

Follow the story of Detective Tom Stone and his partner Jake Sharpe chasing a wanna-be drug lord, Anthony Angelino, through the streets of Los Angeles as both men bond with friends and fight the mob.

Angelino wants to be his own boss and book reviews have noted that he’s a sympathetic character as an organized crime syndicate trips him up and takes over his life. His girlfriend desperately wants a way out of the lifestyle and becomes the first person in her family to attend college.

You’ll see the development of friendships while touching on themes like inter-racial relationships, foster care, and parenting teenagers. We take a real-life approach and have quirky characters running around Los Angeles.

Our Work-in-Progress 4th Novel Tom Stone: One Shot, One Kill

Our sale comes as we’re in the editing and revising round of our 4th novel Tom Stone: One Shot, One Kill.

Los Angeles is in chaos as someone is selectively killing the wealthy who finance the shipment and sale of cocaine and other illicit drugs. A cartel sees an opening to take control and overwhelm the police. Tom Stone must find a way to take control when his girlfriend, an accomplished defense attorney, refuses to represent one of the cartel members and her life is at stake.

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The equestrian trail ran parallel and he slowed down when he spotted the wreath, flowers, and candles at the exact spot of the death. The crime scene was described so clinically: on the mount and fell toward the freeway. There was more to it. She would have been looking straight ahead and down the trail with her mind on so many other things. Perhaps business or chatting up her daughter’s schoolwork. The bullet struck without warning and she wouldn’t have had any time to react.

              He jogged on toward Travel Town. The locomotives and old-fashioned passenger cars had school-age boys and girls climbing in and out of them followed by doting moms and dads. No one at the attraction would have even heard the shot. One bullet fired in hiding held such power to change the course of a family’s life, the business dealings of a company, and even the fate of a nation.


Kilbraide set the papers down and thought that money isn’t always a motive. There was something that Stone and Jake didn’t understand. You’re good and have the talent as a sniper and then you train day in and day out until the shot becomes an extension of yourself. Just like it was in the military with wind whipping dirt and sand in your face. You’re not there because you want to make a shitload of money. You’re there to do a job. Get it done. It’s your mission. You dedicate your life at that moment to bringing down the enemy.

Kilbraide picked up the evidence bag from his desk and inside was the patch. One Shot, One Kill. No Remorse. I Decide. The mindset of a sniper. Why should civilian life be different than the military? He thumbed through the numbers and thought two elite individuals are now gone. But in a city the size of Los Angeles, there were still plenty more.


Letters from Prison and Our Tom Stone Crime Thriller

This is an excerpt from an actual letter that I, Don, received from my godson. He’s that in name only. We adopted his younger sister when she was a few years old. We didn’t know about M until he was 11 years old. He was the product of not just a broken home and family but one that was smashed and devastated by abuse.

Background for the Prison Letter

He’s been in and out of jail and prison the last few years. Since our Tom Stone stories deal with real life, I felt this prison letter excerpt would be appropriate. I may post other excerpts. I left in some misspellings and bad grammar usage and corrected others for readability.

Note: S.B. in the letter stands for San Bernardino

So much, so much in the last 2 wks. Riots, stabings raids and kilings here in the prison an drug overdoses[.] People been dying left an right. It’s been crazy and I got into some fights but I didn’t lost time we are now getting off lock down. We were on 24 hour lock down for 2 weeks an a few days I’m still not in school or any classes because I’m too short to the house is what my CCII tild me so I won’t be in anything. Anywayz I still haven’t got no word back about my probation statis if I’m going to S.B. or LA.

Have they talked to you guys? I know I’m on gang file which is all Bad for me if I have to go back to the S.B. Because I’m from a L.A. gang an the S.B. gangs don’t like L.A. gang members  like me. So hopefully I can go to LA. Anyways going through a lot.

People are coming at me, saying things to get me to get mad because I’m going home so I plan on staying in my cell for a few weeks to stay away from everyone, I’m ok anyways.

Let everyone in the church group I thank them so much for all the letters. It realy made my day. I even dropped a few tears. Please let them know I really thank them.

Well thank you so much for being by my side. Thank you an love you.

P.S. Can you please put $50 on my books?

M is the basis for the boy Andrew who’s featured in each Tom Stone story.

Detective Stone meets Andrew at a foster care group home in Tom Stone: A Nitty Gritty Christmas and befriends him, seeing that Andrew needs a family or else he’ll grow up in foster care and head right into prison.

Revealing Our Title for Tom Stone Book 4 … The Thriller Novel is …

Above the mansions in Los Angeles that are cut into the steep hills are wind-swept grasses and ridges.

phpcFgUEhPMWhat can happen from this vantage point for someone set on revenge is how we introduce our new thriller novel that’s named:

One Shot, One Kill.

This is Book 4 of the Tom Stone series and continues the chase for drugs that began quietly in:

Book 1 Tom Stone: A Nitty Gritty Christmas, took a deadly twist in

Book 2 Tom Stone: Sweltering Summer Nights and turned into an explosive double-cross in

Book 3 Tom Stone: Day of the Dead.

Covers for action thriller Tom Stone Detective Stories on Amazon
Racing through the streets of Los Angeles neighborhoods in pursuit of justice.

Now, get ready for Book 4 Tom Stone: One Shot, One Kill.

This thriller of a novel shows that it doesn’t take much to throw entire crime syndicates into confusion and set some of the most powerful and twisted people in Los Angeles at each other’s throats.

Detective Tom Stone and his partner Jake Sharpe tackles an elusive case where they encounter characters tainted with guilt, but ones they could never fully apprehend.

One Shot, One Kill.

It’s our deadliest, most chilling thriller yet with twists and turns that will make your fingers raw from turning the pages and your eyes bleary from reading far more than you expected.

Take the ride. Heed the call. If you dare.

We’re working on this powerful Work-in-Progress and it will release in a few months. We’ll keep you up to date on the progress.

Keep tuned to this blog for more author interviews and crime news, including updates on some of the most notorious criminals ever to roam the earth.

One Shot, One Kill.

Remember the title: Tom Stone Book 4: One Shot, One Kill

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Tom  Stone Book 4: One Shot, One Kill.

Chilling, thrilling, with blood spilling. Just enough blood to wreak havoc on the toughest and most reprehensible criminals in Los Angeles.

Crime fiction at its finest.

Drug smuggling at its nastiest.

The Child with No Family in Our Thriller Novel

Tom Stone Nitty Gritty Cover
A crime story that involves little-known neighborhoods of Los Angeles.

Christmas is a bittersweet at the group home in our thriller novel and story, Book 1 Tom Stone: A Nitty Gritty Christmas (only 99 cents Dec 21 – 25 on Amazon). Sure, the kids love getting presents but in our story there was one boy who acts up and realizes something is missing.

The story opens with Detective Tom Stone going with his partner Jake Sharpe to take presents to the kids and when Stone steps inside the group home, he notices a familiar setting:

Inside, there were a dozen or so long tables with a food service area in the back. A few women and men in hairnets were serving up hamburgers, hot dogs, plates of cookies and hot chocolate. It reminded Stone of the prisons he had seen when he had to interrogate inmates, but perhaps it was just a variation on an institutional theme.

He notices a boy who can’t sit still at a table packed with candy and who is creating a disturbance. The staff can’t figure out what to do with him.

“Sit down for Santa, Andy. Come on, man, be good.”

“I don’t want Santa. I want to go home.” Andrew grabbed the candy bar, ripped open the wrapping and stuffed it in his mouth.

A boy sitting across the table spoke matter-of-factly, “This is our home.”

Ivy Acres in the story is a clean place and the staff are friendly. But it’s not home and Stone recognizes this, nor can the boys go home.

Andrew is loosely based on a real life boy that I, Don, know — the oldest brother of my youngest adopted daughter. He grew up in a group home facility and his life after being emancipated has been one of moving in and out of adult group homes, hitting the streets, having a girlfriend and baby, then getting busted for drugs and armed robbery.

He’s gone into county jail, state prison, and now back in county jail but is really wanting to change. The abuse he suffered in his first few years of life and then lack of family has had a permanent impact on the choices he’s made.

He’s impulsive and his path through foster care and into an institutional setting has been his path to incarceration as a man.

The relationship with Andrew deepens in the next two Tom Stone novels and our short story, A Deadly Path.

During Christmas, getting presents from Santa isn’t a substitute for a family. And Detective Tom Stone sees this and makes a decision himself.

We hope you enjoy reading it and enjoy Tom Stone: Sweltering Summer Nights and Tom Stone: Day of the Dead.

We’re currently writing Book 4 so stay tuned for updates.


My inmate son is reading a Tom Stone thriller story

He grew up in the foster care system, moving from house to house while his sister came to my wife and I at five weeks of age. M was the oldest of five or more children and was born into a violent family. We didn’t meet him until he was 11 years old and living at a group home facility between Pasadena and Los Angeles. It took a couple of years to gain his trust and see him open up when he came to our house for a visit.

CoverWhen I first started writing what became Book 1 Tom Stone: A Nitty Gritty Christmas, I thought of him. M helped shape the character of Andrew in my mind and I appreciate my co-author Lon letting the boy in the story flourish.

He’s now 30 years old and is in a county jail–again, for a parole violation–and voluntarily extended his sentence so he could get some help and have housing available for when he’s released again.

He had been asking for a copy of our Tom Stone stories and I finally remembered to send one. He called me today and had read the first chapter and was telling other guys in his block about the story–with the opening around Christmas time and Detective Tom Stone meeting Andrew, noticing the frenetic way the boy handled himself.

As we talk about social justice and racism in this country, one of the elements that frequently gets left out of the discussion is the importance of family in a child’s life. Sadly, foster care is a path to prison unless dedicated families step in. Det. Tom Stone does that and continues the relationship with Andrew in Book 2 Sweltering Summer Nights and Book 3 Day of the Dead.

We’re writing a short story and will release it soon where Stone also goes hiking into a canyon with Andrew, his detective partner Jake and Jake’s son.

M is excited about finishing the book and it helps pass his time. It also gives him a window on life choices and can alleviate the loneliness and boredom that can be tough.

Perhaps the Tom Stone stories can inspire him to write since he does have a creative talent that I’ve seen expressed. I’ll be interested to know what he thinks of the story.

Tom Stone: A Nitty Gritty Christmas is available on Amazon, Kobo and iTunes.

Here’s an excerpt where Stone is visiting Andrew and his counselor Luke at the group after the Christmas party.


Stone felt too self-conscious to play like Luke but he moved the dog around on the floor near Andrew. “Do you like dogs, Andrew?”

The boy waited and looked from Stone to Luke and then nodded. “They can be nice.” His face changed and he spoke in an ominous tone. “And they can snarl and bite.” Andrew grabbed the dog and growled in a low voice.

“Do they growl when they’re scared or angry, Andrew?” asked Luke.

Andrew let go of the dog, didn’t say anything for a few moments, and then spoke up. “Dogs run away from home.” Life seemed to vanish from his eyes after he spoke.



Last weekend: 3 Crime Books, $3 Bucks

For August 18 and 19, grab Kindle versions of our 3 Tom Stone books for only $1 each or … let’s do the math together … remember, Lon and I are creative types … $3!!! 

We know you don’t buy on price alone — you want quality, so below we’re sharing positive reviews that have just rolled in.


From a review on Goodreads for Book 3 Tom Stone: Day of the Dead

The characters are believable ( and I loved his portrayal of Tom Stone, a cop who is divorced but without all the drama you often find in crime books) and the situations are easy to see in your head as you read them. I felt as though a movie was playing and all I had to do was watch!
I would recommend this book to all who enjoy crime fiction.

From a reviewer, Ginger Book Geek.wordpress.com on Tom Stone: Day of the Dead

As I took such a shine to Detective Stone, I just had to read on and on to find out what fate had in store for Stone and if he managed to solve the case.  The more I got into the story, the more I read and the quicker the pages turned. 

From a review for Book 2 Tom Stone: Sweltering Summer Nights (right here on our site)

I like that the story was realistic, bringing about the relevant drug issues and social inequalities that come with it. … I echo Tom Stone’s concern of his daughter having anything to do with drugs. I can relate much there. As a parent myself that is one of my greatest fears – that my daughter will be introduced to drugs. I like that he is very human in that aspect.

From a review on Book 1 Tom Stone: Nitty Gritty Christmas 

I really liked the character of Tom Stone, a veteran LAPD Detective. Flawed but real, he’s trying to learn how to balance life and a career fighting the seedier side of life. With his faith, Tom’s partner Jake Starke, is better balanced, but less driven. Together they make a good team.

The books are also available in paperback.

And, guess what? We’re writing a 4th — a short story — what happens when Jake Sharpe and Tom Stone take their boys hiking? Plenty.

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Kindle sale on crime and thriller fiction

Meet Detective Tom Stone and other characters in this fast-paced crime fiction series during our Kindle sale and discounted paperbacks.

Book 3 Tom Stone: Day of the Dead has just launched so here’s your chance to scoop up a few titles for a low price and get to know Los Angeles’ newest detective.

“All 3 books have a very good rhythm to them. I found myself sucked in and wanting to read.”

Only 99 Cents on Kindle.

Get to Know the Tom Stone Detective Series

Tom Stone’s care for his family and society, values he inherited from his grandfather, a detective in Buffalo, NY, compels him to action.

In the first three books, Tom Stone is pulled into the chase of a wanna-be drug lord, Anthony Angelino, who fights the mob in pursuit of riches.

A crime story that involves little-known neighborhoods of Los Angeles.

Book 1 Tom Stone: A 
Nitty Gritty Christmas

kicks off the chase when Stone and his partner Jake Sharpe check out a window that’s been shot in a quiet neighborhood.

“There were enough twists and captivating character development that it keeps you interested and involved to the end to find out exactly how the story plays out.”

Only 99 cents on Kindle.

Can Angelino escape the mob’s clutches?

Book 2 Tom Stone: Sweltering Summer Nights

Angelino sees a legal medical marijuana dispensary as the means to his wealthy end, but Stone questions what’s really being traded and the mob wants a piece of the action.

“The plot and characters are all tightly woven and the story progresses quickly, with a lot of action. Anthony is an oddly appealing anti-hero. Again, Los Angeles is a character.”

Free on Kindle Aug 1 and 2.

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