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A Crime Fiction Thriller Series …

Stopping the deadly game of drug running in Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley compels Detective Tom Stone to pursue a wanna-be drug lord, Anthony Angelino.


This thriller series moves from the singular pursuit of Angelino in Tom Stone: Nitty Gritty Christmas to Angelino’s attempt to save his medical marijuana dispensary from an organized crime ring in Tom Stone: Sweltering Summer Nights.

Though Angelino is arrested and put in state prison, Stone’s life is complicated as he becomes romantically entangled with Alisha Davidson, Angelino’s attorney, and commits to the challenge of befriending a traumatized boy in a foster care group home.

Tension finally erupts in Tom Stone: Day of the Dead, as Angelino gets out of prison and double-crosses the mob by intercepting a cocaine shipment and arranging for its sale. He envisions wealth while Stone fights for an end to the murderous trade.

Each novel can be read as a stand-alone but you’ll get the maximum entertainment by reading the series.

Book 1 Tom Stone: Nitty Gritty Christmas available on
Amazon, Kobo Books, iTunes

Tom Stone Nitty Gritty Cover
A crime story zipping through the little-known neighborhoods of Los Angeles.


Book 2 Tom Stone: Sweltering Summer Nights available on Amazon 


Tom Stone Sweltering Summer Nights Cover
Can Angelino escape the mob’s clutches?


Book 3 Tom Stone: Day of the Dead coming late July

Dreams of deadly riches can turn in to a nightmare.