Our Thriller Work-in-Progress: Novel #4

Hiking trails running above Hollywood and West Hollywood inspired a setting for our fourth Tom Stone thriller novel. We’re working with a title in mind that we’ve chosen and will mention it soon.

Pic by Don Simkovich, Runyon Canyon

The trail off Mulholland Drive is one thing that fascinates me (Don) about Los Angeles. It’s a mix of urban and forest, even within several miles of downtown. This is part of the Santa Monica Mountains and a setting for a … crime scene. Trails carved into the sides of the hills are quite a contrast to the crowded streets and densely packed neighborhoods of apartments and homes.

Pic by Don Simkovich, Runyon Canyon

Just imagine, hiding in the brush and waiting … patiently … for — well, you’ll have to read the novel which will be out in a few months.

The First 3 Tom Stone Books

In the meantime, get in on the Tom Stone action with the first 3 books in the series:

Book 1 Tom Stone: A Nitty Gritty Christmas

Book 2 Tom Stone: Sweltering Summer Nights

Book 3 Tom Stone: Day of the Dead


Check them out online at major outlets and of course on Amazon where you can read free previews.

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And we have a short story Tom Stone: A Deadly Path.

If you’re in Los Angeles, take a tour along Mulholland Drive. It’s fascinating as it gives views of the LA Basin to the south and the San Fernando Valley to the north.

I can’t think of another major metro area like LA where urban living clashes so much with the forest and remnants of what was once wild.

But today, there’s another form of wildlife — the people that Detective Tom Stone and his partner Jake Sharpe hunt down.

The first three books are meeting with good reviews and we feel proud of our work so far in Book 4. Again, stay tuned and come back to stay up-to-date on our thriller in-progress.

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Tom Stone: Day of the Dead now free on Kindle

phpEyYTYSAMIn honor of Halloween and Day of the Dead, we’re offering our 3rd novel Tom Stone: Day of the Dead for free on Kindle (Amazon). In this fast-paced and gripping thriller novel, Detective Tom Stone is on the heels of wanna be drug king Anthony Angelino who’s also fighting the mob.

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Crime Thriller Sale: 4 Books — 4 Bucks — 4 Days

Don and Lon’s October Surprise is a Thrill(er)

All 4 Tom Stone Detective Stories on Kindle only 99 Cents Oct 26 – Oct 29 2018


Burbank, CA — Crime thriller authors Don Simkovich and Lon Casler Bixby announce their four books in their Tom Stone Detective Series are on a special Halloween sale for readers starting Friday, October 26 and running four days through Monday night, October 29.

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Book 2 Tom Stone: Sweltering Summer Nights — only 99 Cents! Wow!

Tom Stone eyes Angelino with suspicion when the street-savvy entrepreneur opens a medical marijuana dispensary. Why is the store really there?

Book 3 Tom Stone: Day of the Dead — only 99 Cents! Wow!

Tom Stone goes hot after Anthony Angelino as the wanna-be drug lord tangles with the mob.

Short Story Tom Stone: A Deadly Path — only 99 Cents! Wow!

Det. Jake Sharpe wants father-son time to get away from LA’s madness on a hike until … they get wrapped up in LA’s madness.

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Day of the Dead and the thriller novel

Ninja turtle costumes and now PJ Mask outfits for pre-schoolers mark the deep dive into autumn and Halloween, but don’t forget Dia de Los Muertos — Day of the Dead — celebrations, a perfect time for a thriller novel, Book 3 Tom Stone: Day of the Dead.

Co-author Lon Casler Bixby’s photographic rendition of our Tom Stone: Day of the Dead cover

About Day of the Dead Celebrations

Like Halloween with families headed into the streets and shopping malls to collect candy, Day of the Dead on November 1st and 2nd is an extremely social holiday as described in this article from the National Geographic, Top 10 Things to Know About Day of the Dead.

indigenous cultures that preceded the Spanish didn’t want to just mourn the dead. They saw it as a natural phase in life’s journey. Today’s celebrations in Mexico and cities like Los Angeles mix the ancient rituals and beliefs with Catholic traditions.

An excellent website for finding out more about the cultural traditions is available through award-winning author Mary Andrade, Day of the Dead.com. She reveals how celebrations have subtle differences from one part of Mexico to another.

The Maya celebrate Day of the Dead with Hanal Pixán which “means ‘soul’ who gives life to the body. We will relive a millenary tradition with new eyes: ‘We will see that, as you see, I was, as I see, I see!’

Everything starts on October 31st. This day is dedicated to the little ones, the children. An altar must be prepared with a white tablecloth, fruit, traditional candies, desserts, and toys.

The next day is for the adults with tequila and beer while water and salt is used to purify the altar.

Book 3 Tom Stone: Day of the Dead, available on AmazonCover










Drugs, violence, women all play a part and with Halloween fast approaching things are starting to get messy. Book review by Jill Burkinshaw

This is a fast paced page turner with suspense that starts at the beginning and keeps building right to the end. Action all the way through it is a great read.

We don’t adhere to specific Day of the Dead traditions but one of the passages in the novel that was so much fun to write was this — as the story was reaching its climax on the Santa Monica pier:

Along the pier’s right railing, a street musician crooned into a microphone while passersby tossed coins and dollar bills in to a guitar case. A Mexican flag flapped in the breeze above a vendor’s cart. An older woman draped in wrinkled skin sold sugar candy skulls surrounded by decorative skeletons wearing sombreros. Boys and girls adorned in traditional Mexican clothing prepared to perform their Ballet Folklorico. Day of the Dead was in full bloom. The Santa Monica pier was totally packed, worse than West Hollywood.

Stone moved slowly along the shops while Lightfoot covered the middle and Jake took the railing side with the beach spreading below. Suddenly, a rustle came from a T-shirt vendor at his cart. “Hey!”

Angelino knocked over a postcard rack and darted across the pier like a rat fleeing from a trap.

“Over there.” shouted Jake.

Confusion struck the crowd with gasps and people clutching children. Stone saw Angelino run toward the rides and push through lines. The hot, sugary smell of churros wafted across the deck and filled Stone’s lungs as he ran. Angelino headed toward the rides, passing the rotating Ferris wheel. He looked back quickly and then leaped over a short security fence surrounding the roller coaster.

For us, writing Day of the Dead is also about a new beginning. It’s our first complete storyline in the Tom Stone Detective novels and a new short story, A Deadly Path.

But also, the “bad guy” in the story line that begins in Book 1 Tom Stone: A Nitty Gritty Christmas, has some things to teach Detective Tom Stone as we see in the final chapter of Day of the Dead.

Read more on our Crime Books page of this blog.

Here’s a Day of the Dead video that you’ll enjoy. It’s from California Through My Lens and highlights celebrations on Olvera Street in downtown Los Angeles.


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Cover story for short story thriller A Deadly Path

Los Angeles fascinates me with its diverse people and landscapes and I always felt that a great setting for a crime thriller story would be in the San Gabriel Mountains above LA.

Eaton Canyon flowers

I’m close to a popular canyon for day hikers and those taking a fire road up a couple thousand feet to a lookout point called Henniger Flats or hiking on to Mount Wilson, famous for it’s observatory and TV antennas visible across the LA basin. It’s Eaton Canyon.

When Lon and I conjured up the short story for Tom Stone: A Deadly Path, featuring Detective Jake Sharpe taking his son on a hike gone terribly wrong, I took some shots of Eaton Canyon’s entrance.


There’s a waterfall that runs down from the mountains and it’s a popular destination spot. But … this is part of Los Angeles County … so you never know what lurks behind the next corner.

So we let our imaginations run wild with the help of our cover artist Ben Southgate and came up with this rendition.


A Deadly Path is now live on Amazon so check out a free preview here.

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TS-SS-ADP-FrontCover-V3-Hero-500x313Detective Jake Sharpe decides it’s time to take his 12-year-old son Darrell hiking in the foothills above Los Angeles and get the kid out from behind the video games.

Detective Tom Stone and 9-year-old Andrew go along with them and get caught up in an unexpected — we’ll just say that it ain’t good!

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